The Oaktree Advantage

With three decades of credit experience and a dynamic approach that seeks to achieve favorable outcomes in all market conditions, Oaktree offers several advantages.

Global Leader in Alternative Investing

$192 billion in total AUM

Oaktree is a leading global alternative asset manager with deep expertise in a broad yet specialized array of credit strategies. 

1,200+ employees
in 23 cities and 17 countries
54 portfolio managers
credit-centric AUM
Brookfield partnership

As of March 31, 2024

Oaktree Capital Management, L.P., is a leading global investment management firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California focused on less efficient markets and alternative investments and is an affiliate of Oaktree Strategic Credit Fund's investment adviser, Oaktree Fund Advisors, LLC (the "Adviser" and, collectively with its affiliates, "Oaktree")

Competitive Private Credit Platform

252 credit investment professionals

Benefiting from robust firm-wide sourcing and origination power, Oaktree’s specialized investment team leverages strong relationships with sponsors and potential borrowers around the globe. These key capabilities—in combination with preeminent credit expertise built over three decades—often make Oaktree a first point of contact creating preferential access to deal flow and the ability to maintain a high degree of investment selectivity.

Deep Private Credit Experience
Person Investment
and Sourcing Team
Years of Private
Lending Experience
Firm-Wide Private
Lending Since 2005

Highly Disciplined Approach to Credit Selection

Oaktree takes a highly selective approach to identifying income opportunities.
New Deal Opportunities

New Deal Opportunities

Evaluate opportunities sourced through multiple proprietary sourcing channels

Potential Investments

Potential Investments

Complete rigorous due diligence on a subset of opportunities that pass initial screening

Closed Investments

Closed Investments

Identify income-producing opportunities for the Fund

Approach to credit selection
Oaktree’s specialized capabilities and pooled resources seek to extract the highest-quality investments from a broad opportunity set.

Unwavering Focus on Risk Management

Oaktree is unified by a single investment philosophy, placing primary emphasis on risk control and consistency, which has helped deliver attractive outcomes for investors throughout market cycles.

Primacy of risk control

If we avoid the losers, the winners take care of themselves

Benefits of specialization

Our team members’ experience and expertise give us a substantial advantage

Emphasis on consistency

A superior record is best built on a high batting average rather than the hope that great years will outweigh dismal ones

Macro-forecasting not critical to investing

Superior knowledge of companies and their securities is the best foundation for consistently excellent performance

Importance of market inefficiency

It is only in less-efficient markets that hard work and skill are likely to produce superior returns

Disavowal of market timing

The ability to correctly time markets is limited at best; we are fully invested whenever we can find attractive investments